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Welcome to the Crunchy Wholesome Goodness that is RJ Owens


RJ Owens is a magician and actor based in Las Vegas. "The Business of Show" has afforded RJ some amazing adventures. (Read More...)

RJ can currently be seen performing as Bebe François in Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. (Read More...)


Magic has taken RJ around the globe. You may have seen RJ plying his trade in San Francisco's hit magic show Magic at the Rex or at Festivals and venues all over the world. (Read More...)


RJ has been acting on stage and in film & TV since the age of 11. Some of you might remember RJ’s first and most definitely last Nude Scene in the movie The Darwin Awards. (Read More...)

Want to know more? (How could you not?) Click any tab above to enter the whirlwind world that is RJ Owens.

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